Friday, 28 September 2012

Cabin Fever!


Younger son ill with evil bug so stuck at home with ill child except for quick trip to A&E on advice of NHS direct (awful) then to GP (better)!


Son much improved and very bouncy and hungry, like flicking a switch compared to yesterday!
Macmillan coffee morning and cake auction at school today,  was lovely to be able to help as I am normally at work on a friday.

Beautiful rainbow.


An empty oilcan I found in the shed!
Duplicate cycle helmet instructions
The guides of an isofix booster seat I kept for when I give it away, Ha ha. I am sure once it has finished its life it will only be fit for landfill.
Shed is husbands department and although very small there are a variety of bits for bikes I am told we need! We cycle as much as posible so in winter we all need lights etc.
Some magazines from the rack in the lounge, some to recycling and some donated to a friend.

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