Sunday, 30 September 2012

Satisfying Sunday


A palm sander and a scraper I bought to sand our stair treads after we removed the carpet and had them painted.  The girl I gave it to is doing the same.  She isn't the only one to be inspired by our simple painted stair treads. Another friend also painted her stair treads after seeing them.

When we had our house refurbished I thought a statement carpet was needed. Unfortunately the striped carpet we had fitted I hated instantly.  It looked very different in situ compared to the sample!  I found it very busy and jarring and not me at all! I had never bought a stair carpet before having mainly lived in flats.  After trying to live with it for a year I bit the bullet. I knew a neighbour who loved it and was in need of a stair carpet.  As their house is the same layout we had the carpet removed and refitted there.  I love my painted stairs and they are much more in keeping with the rest of my white house. It picks out the original sixties features such as the beautiful hardwood banister and handrail.

I was very upset for a long time that I had made such a massive mistake, financially and from a design perspective. I beat myself up about it for ages. It took me a while to move on and accept what I needed to do to sort it out.

I find the painted stairs  easy to care for and only requiring a brush and damp mop. Carpet retains a lot of dirt and dust.

Husband and I also went through the filing cabinet, we try to do this every 6 months and purged paperwork for shredding and recycling.


My grandmother was upset that she hit a kerb when driving home from visiting my grandfather in his care home and blew out a tyre. It is sad to see her becoming older and loosing confidence in her abilities.  She has always been a central figure in our family.


I was able to get her a set of new tyres for a good price and she was thrilled to have the problem sorted so quickly.

My older son baked chocolate chip shortbread, yummy.
I made black bean salsa and guacamole for dinner last night and there was enough left for lunch today!

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