Saturday, 6 April 2013

Enough food for everyone IF we live differently

The world produces enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough to eat.  One in eight people across the globe are hungry.

But IF Wilberforce could end the slave trade, why can't we be the generation to confront the big IF of hunger?

Check out the intro video and others from the campaign.

So, I am joining with Spring Harvest, Tearfund and over 150 churches and charities as part of the IF campaign to call on you to do all that you can to fight the injustice of hunger.

Contact your MP to represent our views and pressure David Cameron to use the opportunity of the G8 UK meeting in June to push for progress on aid, climate finance, transparency, tax and land grabs.

Another campaign is Rhythms, which is a Tearfund initiative that helps you explore how to live a life of justice every day.

There are four rhythms each with a group of actions for you to follow over 30 days to change the way you live.
  1. Connection
  2. Advocacy
  3. Generosity 
  4. Contentment
I have started on the contentment  rhythm and am enjoying reading the book Consumer Detox by Mark Powley.  Will keep you updated with my progress!

I also emailed my MP Zac Goldsmith and received an email back of support and involvement in the IF campaign.

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