Friday, 5 April 2013

Good Good News

Photo taken last year when it was much warmer
Spent the last six days in a very cold and blustery Butlins resort in Minehead but leaving with a warm heart.

Butlins might seem like a strange place to spend Easter but it hosts Spring Harvest an annual Christian event.  Spring Harvest exists to equip the church for action and create opportunities for people of all ages to encounter God, be changed by that encounter, then go and change the world.

This year's theme was The Source: Encountering Jesus Today and focussed on what Jesus being the Good News means in today’s world.  Over the course of a few days we were encouraged to discover how we embody the good news and what it means to Be, Say and Do the gospel.

Each day started in a very large circus-style tent called the big top which hosted the big start an all age interactive worship, drama and prayer to intorduce the theme for the day.  This year they re-worked Pkays gangam style song into Good News Style.
I'll say good news, its good for sharing
Makes me feel so brave and daring
I can shout about his caring

Jesus is the source of the good news, the good news
He made us and he calls us to be it too, to be it too
So we'll be and say and do the good good news, news, news, news....
Good News Style!

Perfect Love video

I am very excited about how as a family we can implement Be, Say and Do within our simple lifestyle within our community.   Will keep you posted...

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