Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tip Tuesdays


Went to the tip for my parents and grandmother with rubbish from the recent repaint of the exterior of their house.  Looks lovely as was very tatty before.  So big empty plastic paint pots and the old gutters for plastic recycling.
Also an old computer monitor as they recently replaced their PC with something new but large and outdated!  I hope I remain a bit more in the zone when I am older or that I ask my children for advice!
Also a rug and a hat from my gran.
I also took a mini trampoline to the charity shop. I was advised to purchase it to improve my younger sons core stability as he has dyspraxia. He now attends a trampolining academy at a local school with Olympic sized trampolines.
Yesterday I also gave a few bits to our brilliant general builder that we won't be using, a wood plane set and some wood stain.


My parents garden looks much tidier now which always pleases my grandmother. She lived a very independent and ordered life until 18 months age when her husband went into a residential care home. He has altzeimers and vascular dementia and she was no longer able to care for him at home. She moved in with my parents more for the company than the practical help as she  is still very able and independent. She isn't enjoying these twilight years. but I can at least make them as easy and pleasant as possible for her.


My parents garden will resemble a miniature landfill site in the near future and I will clear it again.
I got paint on my running jacket from the lidless paint pots.

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