Thursday, 4 October 2012



Ordered a lego forest police station from amazon for my older sons birthday next weekend.  Was the cheapest place at £39.99. This will be his only large present from us and his grandparents.  Last year he got a new bike. He will also get some cards, money, and a few fillers, like chocolate and a mystery lego figure that costs £1.99 at every till point in the land.  Last time he got one he was a bit dissapointed as he got a bride!

My younger son got a lego set from the forest police theme for his birthday in the summer and was thrilled with it. When they have only one main present they really focus on enjoying it.  We built it straight away before school.  His other filler was new rubber ducks for the bath. He had two friends come after school for a play and pizza and choclate birthday cake with ice cream.  They brought him a little lego motor bike.  It was a brilliant birthday.


The new book by the minimalists, Simplicity:the essays on the kindle app on my mac.  Really good and cost $5/£3.17. I enjoy their blog posts.

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