Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sad Saturday


The husband of a friend has died very suddenly.  He had treatment for cancer a year ago but had responded well and looked good.  A big shock and a big reminder to live in the moment.

Immediately this came to me:

"There is almost nothing in your life that’s irreplaceable, other than people.
And in the end, you learn that the people and the moment are all that matter. Everything else comes and goes."
Leo Babautua and Courtney Carver Clutterfree

I am a person that likes to fix things, to make it better.  I cant make it better for this family.  So I did the only thing I know, bake.  I baked brunch muffins, blueberry, lemon and olive oil and took them to her home still hot from the oven.  I tapped the knocker very gently expecting to leave them on the doorstep.  She came to the door in her dressing gown and gave me a hug. It was good.

Family Wallington went to see Dr Seuss' the Lorax at the ODEON Kids screening.  My boys have wanted to see it since it was released in the summer. ODEON Kids screenings have been chosen especially for children and are every Saturday and Sunday mornings. Ticket prices are £2.50 each and with every child ticket you get a FREE adult ticket.  ODEON Kids runs every day throughout most school holidays too. We love the weekend cheap seats.

They also have ODEON newbies for parents with  babies and ODEON senior screen with appropriate films choices to suit these audiences.

Possibly the healthiest burger and chips ever made!

Chickpea, mushroom and corriander burger
Sweet Potato Wedges
Food Doctor multiseed and cereal pitta
Riata instead of mayonnasie
sliced red onion, avocado, tomato, steves leaves pea shoots to garnish

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