Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wet Wednesday


Had no takers from gumtree for the TV bracket so I offered it to school and they said they could use it so glad its gone.

Our Duplo collection went to the same church toddler group as last weeks Brio train track today.  No one has played with it for a while.  Both boys have really moved onto Lego now.  I did feel emotional as its definitely the end of an era.  I bought the first piece of Duplo for J's first birthday.  I have a lovely photograph of him looking at me with great puzzlement.  It being the first time he had been presented with a large item wrapped in shiny paper!  I look young and glamorous despite wearing PJ's! Ah youth!

Had a lovely mug of hot chocolate at Montezuma's the chocolate shop this afternoon with a friend.

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