Monday, 29 October 2012

Half term

Had a great day today

Gave the shower in our en suite a good clean, removed a hair rat from down the plug hole, yuck!

Took my boys to zone camp at our gym this morning, they had a great time

Had lunch with my gym buddie and her kids

Went to Dorich house museum for a event as part of the big draw. The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival throughout October all over the UK.  Dorich house museum is a gallery/studio built in 1930 by Dora Gordine a sculptor.  It is now owned by Kingston University.  The boys made shadow puppets and loved going up onto the roof terrace.  We try to take advantage of these opportunities to see places and are big fans of the open house London weekend held in September even if the queues are long.

Had a movie night with popcorn on the sofa together was great as the boys are busy with sports after school most nights.


Old running trainers as a new pair arrived today, cant believe the lack of tread on the old pair!
I ordered a new workout vest too but the fabric is too thick and I know it will annoy me so that is being returned
A pair of Birkenstock sandals I havent worn much over the last couple of summers but are worn down to the cork sole!
J dejunked a game he got from science club.
They both pulled out 4 DVDS for charity.  So funny as all Disney classics I thought were must haves that they never watch.  A bit like the children's books I bought when I was pregnant they didn't want read at story time!

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