Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wintery Weekend

Cant get over how cold it is for October!

Went for a run this morning, my hands were still cold in mits.

Offered older son J money to rake the leaves in our tiny garden.  Pathetic attempt, kids today!

Took the fighting foxes to see Ice Age 4 at the Odeon in the cheap seats, snore!

Made a quorn chilli for dinner, put it in my slow cooker all day.  Will freeze the rest for cold busy weekends when comfort food is needed.

 Dejunked some more of D's school paperwork and filed the decent artwork in our family scrapboook.

Apple and Raspberry crumble served with custard


  1. I've enjoyed reading your posts at Simple Life, found you via your comment left at Miss Minimalist.
    I fell in love with the simplicity of your kitchen, so serene. I was also intrigued by some of the food you cook, that quorn chilli looks delicious and the lentil dahl sounds as if it would be tasty too... would love if you could share your recipes some time, hope I'm not being too cheeky!!

    1. Thanks very much for your lovely comment. I love my kitchen too!

      The dahl has several spices in it but I try to cook things that aren't too complicated and requiring lots of specialist ingredients.

      I make a double batch as it freezes well and coconut milk comes in a 400 ml tin and lentils in a 500 gram bag but I just double up everything else then I don't have odd bits left over.

      I will post the recipes on the blog for you to enjoy.