Sunday, 7 October 2012

Subdued Sunday


Took D to visit his great grandpa in the residential care home he lives in.  My granny visits her husband every day.  She doesn't encourage us to visit so I never tell her I am going.  I hope it is a nice surprise when we turn up. J doesn't like visiting, being older he understands too much.  When my grandpa first went to live there J asked if we could pray to God for grandpa to get better so that he could go home and live with granny again.  Gulp, trying to explain to a child about altzeimers and vascular dementia.

Grandpa was awake today and smiled when I kissed him goodbye.

D enjoyed seeing the chickens they have in the garden there.


Some miniature toiletries my husband collects on his frequent work travels! I can understand keeping a miniature shower gel, toothpaste and shampoo but not multiples as he gets new ones each time!

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