Friday, 2 November 2012

Don Aslett

Don Aslett  Donald Andrew Aslett (born 1935) is an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker who specializes in cleaning and housekeeping products, services, and techniques.

He wrote a book called Clutters Last Stand, the first book I read on dejunking that made me question possesions.

I was reading an interview with him recently and loved his reply to a question about women:

“One thing exposure to all the ladies of the media did teach me is that I’m definitely not a showgirl man. I really dislike candy-wrapper women parading around in glittering clothes or lack of same. Good mothers, on the other hand, I find attractive anywhere and anytime.”

Love this so much as I definitely don't look like a showgirl!

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  1. Me neither!

    His books look a fun read though, must check and see if I can get 'Clutter's Last Stand' from the library.