Monday, 19 November 2012

Grandpas Birthday Weekend

Took my boys to the Odeon cheap seats on Saturday to see the 2009 film The Nativity with Martin Freeman and Ashley Jensen.  J enjoyed it but D was a bit bored as it was a bit long for him.

Was my grandfathers 83rd birthday so we went to visit him in his care home.  J baked a cake, my gran was thrilled and grandpa did seem to enjoy eating a piece.  My gran thought that he recognised my hubby R which was sweet.

Was collection for shoebox Sunday at church so my boys both contributed a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, there was quite a stack of them!

Cooked a new curry, aubergine and sweet potato tikka, R said it was very good.  Great to add a couple of portions to the freezer for the Christmas holiday period.

I also cooked a pear and ginger cobbler for pudding but forgot to take a photograph until we had all tucked in!

Went to Raynes Park Community Church evening service which is held once a month for prayer, worship and communion. I haven't been able to go for a while and it was great.  Had a great chat with a friend too and am looking forward to meeting up with her for coffee/munch and more chats and catch up soon.

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