Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Landfill Tuesday

After our game dejunk on Sunday the cupboard in my kitchen I use to store educational stuff in is looking much tidier and easier to use.

Struggling to add much to my landfill today so we tested all the felt tip pens and binned the ones running out of ink and sharpened all the colouring pencils!

Up cycled Cupboard

This kitchen unit was left over after our house refurbishment and couldn't be returned as  damaged. I stuck a piece of white gloss perspex to the top, screwed casters to the base and a handle to the door. It sits neatly under the stairs storing school and educational stuff.  White boards, phonic books, memory games, theraputty etc. It ensures that other kitchen cupboards don't end up with random bits dumped in.  Everything is to hand for when you have a few minutes to revise the weeks spellings etc.

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