Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lost Property

Being a simple living and minimalist family we don't do duplicates of things except maybe pants and socks! We tend to have one of everything we need or wear.

When I collected D from school last week he was still wearing his PE tracksuit bottoms.  Despite D getting changed for PE in the classroom and leaving his school trousers on the back of his chair the school trousers were nowhere to be seen.  With frustration I left school as D has an OT appointment to get to.  I returned to school later to collect J from science club and went to the now deserted classroom to search for the trousers, but without success. His class teacher agreed to look and says that she has had everyone check their kit bags.  I have also sent an email to the year 2 parents with no replies.  I was feeling very cross that trousers can go missing from the back of a chair during changing.

The lost property situation at school is out of control.  There are always items of school uniform lying around indoors and outdoors.  School say that any labelled items are returned but this is yet to happen to me. Every item of my kids stuff has a sewn in or stuck on name tape.  We live in an affluent area where people have plenty of disposable income and children have multiples of clothing so parents don't realise, or care, when items go missing.

Following an email to school and conversations with staff, school have taken my thoughts on board and are going to implement a better approach to Lost Property which is brilliant.  I said that I was concerned that if items of clothing are left lying around it shows everyone, children, parents, staff and members of the public that we don't care for our belongings and it sets a terrible example.  It is very important to me that my children appreciate the need to care for things and the resources neeeded to make and buy them etc.

So despite the weather D is back in his school summer shorts until the trousers are found!

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