Thursday, 1 November 2012

Light Parties

Took my kids to a couple of light parties as opposed to Halloween parties.  A Light Party is a family oriented event that provides fun and values in a safe environment.

Both at churches we attend, one regularly in the morning and one a church further away that I go to the monthly evening service.  The boys had a great time making crafts, cooking, singing, playing games, and eating sweets etc!  I also took a good friend with her girls.

Was great to catch up and chat with friends. With a lot of young children around some people I see infrequently.  One lovely friend I saw said I was thinking of you today Jen when I was putting the baby in her cot for a nap. I looked at my cot and thought that is such a beautiful cot and Jen gave it to me!  So lovely to hear stuff like that.  We purchased a good quality wooden cot when we had J with the intention that it would get lots of use as opposed to a cheaper cot that would inevitably break.

I always enjoy seeeing other kids wearing our good quality hand me downs!

J in the stokke crib which increases in size to a cot and then a bed.  Passed on to other new arrivals.

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