Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday

Very emotional and moving talk at church today as Remembrance Sunday.  Covered the impact of death on families and how different people's responses can be.  Some interesting examples from World War 2 and Northern Ireland.  Reinforced the importance of peace to prevent escalating violence.

Tided up garden and alleyway that runs behind our house by raking up autumn leaves.

Went to a friends home this afternoon.  So lovely to spend time with her two young sons and husband.

She made a beautiful apple pie with apples from her garden.


Some games to my friend that my boys have outgrown but hers will grow into.

Tracksuit bottoms from both boys, both ripped at the knees.  Bought J a new pair but unusually for D he got a hand me down pair of tracksuit bottoms and a pair of jeans from J.  Trousers don't have a very long life in our house, luckily they both love shorts and J wears them to school even in winter. But with frost on the ground they both wear trousers in the winter till about Easter time.

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