Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Cards

I do enjoy sending Christmas cards to close family and friends.  Being a christian I enjoy choosing ones with a certain theme! I saw these ones and thought they were very sweet.

My boys got the one box of christnas stuff out of the loft.  It contains a Playmobil Nativity that we take to school, a few christmas decorations we have collected over the years and christmas books that they enjoy reading at this time of year.  We went to the library today and got The Nativity Play a storybook by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.

Dejunked to church a cardboard Nativity book my boys have outgrown.


  1. What a great find! I love your Christmas cards, they are so cute and I like the fact that they are a gentle reminder to (non-christians) what Christmas is about.