Sunday, 30 December 2012

The unexpected blesssings of babies!

 Dejunked our second car, again!

We have 2 cars. Which is definitely at odds with a minamilist family living in London!

One car is used by my husband to drive to the office when he is working in the UK as public transport links are poor and its too far to cycle.

The other car was a joint purchase made with my dad when J was born over 9 years ago. At the time it got a lot of use. We didn't live in an area with such good access to facilities etc.  Since moving to a more central location over 6 years ago its usage has declined.  We are able to cycle to most places locally. I gave it back to my dad over 6 years ago but when we moved to our current house 2 years ago it came back to us as we had more driveway space to store it. I was happy to get rid of it, but my dad was been keen to hang onto it, mainly for trips to the tip and occasional holidays.

Now that my sister is having a baby it is going to a new home on her drive! Her car is a small three door which she can sell and put the money towards baby things. It has low mileage and has been well maintained so a good lowcost option for her.

I am looking forward to having one car again, no more paying for its maintenance!

I hate punctures!

J has had 7 punctures in the last month so we got him some puncture resistant tyres!   Especially as I won't have a car to fall back on. I had resisted as quite an expensive outlay.

There is nothing quite so infuriating as rushing out the door to school to be confronted with a flat tyre! 

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