Saturday, 29 December 2012

Unsubscribe me please!

After reading the post titled Five Minutes for Simplicity from the blog Be More with Less I took action today!

We receive minimal mailings and don't subscribe to many catalogues as most information and products can be found on-line.  Recently we are receiving sales flyers daily from a variety of sources. We must have got on a mailing list.

So I registered at mailing preference service to stop unwanted mail on my doormat.

The same happens with emails. Lots of products being offered that we don't want, so I am unsubscribing before deleting them.


A friend bought me underwear for Christmas. She did the same last year and its a lovely thought.  This year she also included a running headband.  I couldn't return it without the receipt which wasn't included. After thanking her she offered to change it.  I generally have no problems returning or donating unwanted gifts but struggled with this as she is so kind.  Today I told her that I wouldn't use the headband and that the underwear is a generous enough gift.  She was lovely about it and I gave it back to her so she can get a refund.  She was still keen to get me something else so we negotiated that a sezchuan chicken wrap at the gym after training will suffice. They do a good deal on two wraps and we often split the bill!

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