Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Unwrapped

We went to our first Christmas service today.  A friend came with her little boy too. My goal this Christmas is to go to as many different services as possible.  Today we went to Raynes Park Community Church & Stagecoach Carol Service.

RPCC and Stagecoach Merton Park, Mitcham and Tooting came together for a celebration carol concert entitled 'Christmas Unwrapped'.  There was a performance, carols, an Eastenders style nativity and the incredible RPCC brass band!
At the concert they raised money for Hope HIV,

Dejunked a favourite jigsaw to a friends little boy which we have outgrown. A beautiful wooden jigsaw made in England given to J on his first birthday depicting a busy street scene.

Read a new ebook by Leo Babauta and Courtney Carver titled Clutter Free, cost £1.93 from amazon.
A bit of a consolidation of material from their websites that I have read before but still a good refresher and a good read or a recommendation as an introduction to decluttering.

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