Sunday, 9 December 2012

There is nothing that I need

I read Joshua's birthday post on his becoming minimalist website and this piece he wrote really jumped out at me.
"There is nothing that I need. Since becoming minimalist four years ago, my definition of need has changed dramatically. In fact, I rarely use the word… and cringe just a little bit when I hear others say it. Looking around my home this morning, I am reminded again that any use of that word in relation to my life is complete foolishness. With food in my kitchen, clean water in my cup, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and a family who supports me, I am not in need. My wife claims I need some new black sandals because mine are starting to stink… but if that’s on the top of the list, I’m well-provided for. There is truly nothing that I need for my birthday."
Joshua Becker at

Its easy to get caught up in consumption because you "need" something which probably you could manage without.  Our definition of need has become warped as peoples access to finance has changed.  Made even worse at this time of year!

I am as guilty of this as anyone.  With the recent cold weather I reasoned that I needed a new pair of boots as my old ones were worn and holey.  I bought a new pair identical to my old ones (see previous post). They had increased in price significantly and I felt uncomfortable with the cost.  I hate to feel ripped off by big brands.  I have worn them a couple of times and realised that they don't fit despite being the same size and style as my old pair.  I have a blister on one heel and a crushed big toe on the other!  Hence, they are being returned and I will wear trainers which provide an altogether more comfortable and practical solution.


  1. Becoming Minimalist is another one of my favourite bloggers and I couldn't agree with Joshua more, we are so blessed compared to other parts of the world... yet I do LOVE receiving gifts, despite not really needing anything.

    I also enjoy giving gifts and at this time of year with so many to buy for we limit our budget to £20 per family and that way it doesn't take away from the fun of gift giving and we don't go into debt.

    Luckily, I come from a small family and I don't have any children, so these decisions are made a lot easier for me.

    It must be quite a challenge with children and peer pressure.

    Jane x

  2. I love Joshua and his becoming minimalist blog, its great writing and reading. I think its fine to enjoy receiving gifts if thats your pleasure. I am not a gift person but I am also not averse to spending money. I enjoy getting my hair blow dried and my eyebrows and lashes threaded and dyed for a wedding or a special party! I enjoy an annual facial or full body massage on my birthday too! I don't find it a challenge or feel peer pressure with my children yet. Maybe I will when they get older. I know they have a brilliant life in comparison to other children in parts of the world. They are loved, cared for and well fed, they get to do lots of clubs and sports too. I know they don't fully realise their good fortune but they do have some awareness of their charmed life as I regularly inform them of it! My husband and I avoid debt and live within our means, we monitor our spending and have a monthly and annual budget. We are fortunate to both have good jobs but I do believe that you cut your cloth too.