Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tis the season to be busy....

Being an advocate of simple living and minimalism makes life more straight forward most of the time. But at this time of year I still feel swept along with seasonal events.

We have minimal relatives in our family and even fewer who give gifts to our children.  However, yesterday a parcel arrived I took a peek and after discussion with my husband the items were offered to our church for redistribution. Church were thrilled with them. I tend to live by the rule that the quicker such items are removed from the house the better!  It is a lovely thought from said relatives but they see the children rarely, perhaps once every several years.  Best to move on with no guilty feelings as it serves no purpose.  I will also kindly ask them for no gifts next year.

I dejunked our Wii Fit balance board to school as they have a Wii.  We play on our Wii sometimes which we purchased second hand two years ago as the boys main Christmas present.  When D had his Dyspraxia diagnosis I was very upset and purchased the Wii fit element to go with the Wii.  I thought we would use it together to do balance exercises.  Well we haven't and he does balance exercises with his brilliant OT Eileen at Sensational Kids.

I find a good way to decide if something is unnecessary is to ask yourself if you would purchase it if it was broken or stolen etc.  Would it bother you if you never saw it again or indeed would it be a blessed relief!


  1. I admire your discipline in keeping to your values and you amaze me how you continue to always find something to declutter. I really, really must get that book "Clutter's Last Stand" and make a serious effort in simplifying my life, so that it becomes more minimal. Maybe, that should be my New Years resolution!

  2. I know its amazing our house is pretty sparse yet I continue to find things we dont use and can get rid of!